Video: 12 Burnt to Death as Bus collide with Fuel Tanker at Ife Road

Osun State  –  9 burnt instantly, 2 jumped out but were badly burnt, 1 woman tried to be rescued still breathing after putting the fire out but iron crushed her legs. She later died on the way to the hospital.

An Eyewitness, Olayode Tobi, said the truck was trying to enter an energy filling station to empty its content but the driver of the bus suddenly lost control and rammed into the truck , which caused a spark and an explosion.

In a chat with our correspondence, Mr Tobi said “I was there and heard the explosion but not close enough to see exactly. But according to closer eye witnesses and from the look of things, tanker uturned at the kerb space created on the road, bus was carrying engines, irons, and petrol, at the boot and the back seat space. Carried 12 passengers as soole… But couldn’t press brake suddenly coz of the heavy loads at the back, or probably was speeding too fast and couldn’t brake. It hit the tanker and fire broke out in front. All the loads at d back pinned passengers to the front coz of the strong impact of collision, so they couldn’t be saved, until they were all burned.”

The Fire service came over at about 20 minutes after incident. Some Witnesses have tried to put out fire but it was too late for the passengers.

Below are the video clips of the incident:

Warning: this video clips contain flash points, and its highly graphic content that some viewers might found offensive

Source: Olayode Tobi

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