14 year old Girl chased by 15 teenagers before being stabbed in the neck with scissors

A 14 year old schoolgirl has been admitted to the hospital after she was attacked and stabbed by a group of 15 teenagers in Coventry.

The little girl was attacked shortly before 6.30pm yesterday, Wednesday, March 6, 2019. She was chased by 15 other teenagers and when they caught up with her, they hit her, kicked her, and stabbed her in the neck with a pair of scissors.

A witness said: 

There were around 15 kids all on this one girl. They were kicking her before one stabbed her.

She had injuries to her neck and hand. People were panicking because there was so much blood coming from her neck.

The girl was rushed to hospital after being found left on a grass verge. She is expected to make a recovery as her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

A girl, 16, has been arrested in connection with the attack.

A police spokesman said: 

We were called by the ambulance service just before 6.30pm to say that a girl was bleeding from the back of her head.

She was found with a two inch cut to the back of the head. She was attacked with some form of weapon but we don’t know if it was scissors.

It appears to have been a fight between schoolgirls who were known to each other.

We have arrested a 16 year old girl in connection with it.

She has been arrested for section 20 wounding.

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