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2019: APC chieftain, Eze speaks on how Gov. Wike plans to win Rivers

A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), in Rivers State, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, has called on security agencies to keep a vigilant watch on the activities of the governor of the state , Nyesom Wike.

According to him, the governor is nursing the intent of arming youths to cause mayhem in next year’s general election.

Eze, who raised the alarm on Tuesday in a statement issued to dailpost in Port Harcourt, also warned Wike to drop his agenda of using violence to force himself on the people of the state for a second term in office.

Eze revealed that Wike was bent on allegedly repeating the same strategy of using violence and killing of members of the APC in the state to intimidate voters, just the way it was done in 2015, adding that the Governor is aggressively pursuing the violence option under the guise of his Neighbourhood Watch, knowing that his plot to decimate the APC through Senator Magnus Abe had failed.

Commending the Nigerian Army’s 6th Division for its vigilance and prompt step to halt the recruitment and training of Rivers youths for the ‘slaughterman’s job’ in the guise of Neighborhood Watch, Eze charged all security agencies to take Governor Wike’s threat to continue with his plans by using the Government House as training camp for his personal army.

“One of the major principles of governance and as contained in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the protection of lives and property of the citizens in consideration of lack of respect for the sanctity of human life, which has become the common decimal since Nyesom Wike assumed office demonstrating his administration’s incompetence in this regard.

“Wike and the PDP in Rivers State to have resort to setting up the camp to train youths that will unleash terror and violence in the State in 2019 on such a scale as they did against Rivers people before, during and after the 2015 elections. This shouldn’t be tolerated, no matter the high level of propaganda that the Rivers State Government and her agents intend to dish out to deceive the public.

“Wike, knowing very well that his plot to use Senator Magnus Abe to truncate and decimate the APC chapter in Rivers state has failed like a pack of cards, has resorted to other untoward strategies like to turn our innocent youths into a war machine with hope of using them to intimidate the opposition in order to win the 2019 general elections. But this is a strategy that will not work this time around, no matter the odds.”

Eze advised Wike to have a rethink and avoid any action that will cause mayhem during the forthcoming election in the state and “concentrate on how to hand over power peacefully in 2019 as his dream of winning elections ever in Rivers State is not only elusive but highly impossible as his demonstration of incompetence is so pronounced and unacceptable”.

The statement continued, “Wike resorted to settings up of the Neighborhood Watch that will permit members of the organization to search any premises without Warrant from a Court of Law and arrest people without recourse to the Police is an attempt in futility as its conception and birth at the period of an election year can’t be acceptable knowing very well the number of APC members that were slaughtered in order for Wike to win the 2015 gubernatorial election.

“Wike should understand and accept the fact that the scenario that made it possible for him to intimidate and run over the people of Rivers State into power has changed as we no longer have Dame Patience Jonathan or Joseph Mbu to guide him accordingly.

“Nigerians and lovers of the progress and development of Rivers State should commend and congratulate the Nigerian Army for her timely raid on the Wike’s Terrorists Training Camp in Ogoni land.”



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