2019 Election: Only Nigerians can decide – Oshiomhole speaks on foreign predictions

2019 Election: Only Nigerians can decide - Oshiomhole speaks on foreign predictions

The National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has disregarded   foreign predictions on the outcome of the 2019 presidential election saying only Nigerians can decide.

Oshiomhole noted that only Nigerians would be responsible for the outcome of the election, adding that foreign sources predictions hold no ‘water.’

The APC Chairman while speaking with Arise Tv over the weekend noted that the APC government does not regard such issues as it was only bothered about how to solve political and security issues facing the country

Oshiomhole said: “For me, there are people who find joy in quoting foreign sources, I like to talk about Nigeria people and they are our primary constituency. They are the ones that hired Mr. President. I am not accountable to financial intelligence and everybody is aware that some of these papers don’t have the reputation they claim to have.

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“After all, these are the same institutions that wrote lavishly about Nigeria banking system but few weeks later that some of these banks were empty.

“I think we have done couple of things that will form the basis of our campaign. This is the only government that gives bail-out money to state governments to enable them meet their most basic responsibilities without bothering whether they are APC, PDP or APGA. I don’t know any government before now that was just fair and just regardless of political party affiliation. These are things we should be talking about.

“We had governments that spent billions doing ground breaking ceremony for the Second River Niger Bridge, but this government as we speak is not doing ground breaking, it is actually constructing the Second Niger bridge. These are things we want to talk about.

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“Secondly, there are couple of things the Federal government is doing in Lagos, Ibadan and other parts of the country; these are things I think we should talk about. It is not the views of sometimes hired foreign commentators. These people are not superior to the Nigerian journalist. These are things we must discuss.

“If the opposition does not want to do that, we will do that. In any case, we have moved the government from one that service the elites to one that looks at the forgotten majority of Nigerians, the voiceless. I think very soon, we will begin to talk what this government has done and who has benefited and how the previous government converted private debts to public liabilities and privatised public funds to private pockets.

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“And of course, we are going to get people who are knowledgeable about micro economy issues to assist Nigerians to understand that there is always a time lag between when certain policies are put in place, when certain mismanagement occur and when the impact of those mismanagement begins to occur in the lives of the people. For me, these are the issues that I want to talk about. We must consciously begin to discuss issues, policy issues, security issues and all of that.”


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