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The ongoing operation python dance in the south eastern part of Nigeria by the Nigerian army is a catastrophic bubble that is readily waiting to burst. It is a clear indication that President Muhammadu Buhari is indeed anti- Igbo. It is also clear to all and sundry that the aforementioned operation is simply a deadly farce by the federal government to further decimate the south east into rubbles.

That being said let me quickly unveil what I think the nomenclature Operation python dance is; of course so many people, I believe, have also wondered what the hell that means. However, from the little research I did, I deduced that it is simply a nimble fight strategy where one goads his opponent into action, only to deliver his with vehemence… Anybody who is acquainted with the dynamics of Nigeria polity will agree with me that there is more to operation python dance than meets the eye. There is a clandestine underling that futures mayhem, carnage and bloodletting by those python soldiers against the Biafrans. Methinks massacre.

My audience on this subject isn’t really the Nigerian soldiers but the IPOB members. Guys it’s time to apply caution. It’s globally acknowledged that the Igbos are being marginalized in this country, that the presidency of Muhammadu Buhari is an anti- Igbo one. It is also clear that since 1967 there have been calculated attempts by northerners to leash the igbos to the trees of political stagnation, economic strangulation and socio- developmental impoverishment. But the begging question now is; is violence the best way to go about it? is Nnamdi Kanu’s approach the most effective?

For some that maybe wondering where my stand is, well let me save you the suspense. I don’t believe in Biafra but in a restructured Nigeria. But if ever tomorrow I change religion, I don’t think the way Nnamdi Kanu and his hirelings are handling the issue is the best way. Their pacifiers are saying that their methods are none violent, but I don’t see anything none violent about spewing inciting speech. I don’t see anything none violent by threatening to impinge on an electoral process. For Christ’s sake the reason why an inciting speech is called an inciting speech is simply because it incites people into violence. Any truthful person that listens to Nnamdi Kanu rhetoric will agree with me that there is nothing peaceful about him. Well some said he had to step on toes for Nigerians to take him seriously. Well Nigerians have taken him seriously and it’s time for a new approach, especially in the light of this Operation Python dance. He needs to tone down and apply wisdom. The recent display of inhumane maltreatment of the pro- Biafra supporters by the Nigerian army really made me question the competency of MR. Kanu in regards to leadership and common sense.

Before the invading of Abia Sate by the army, the news of the invasion was already in the media for at least two weeks. When I heard about it, I knew it was the determining point for the IPOBs. The make or break time. Personally I expected two things from Kanu. One: to bring out his arsenal of warfare and walk his talks. Two: to order his boys down and let the godforsaken soldiers to do their dirty dance and go. Unfortunately Kanu did neither of these things and the comeuppance is there for all to see.

The report in the media was that Kanu escaped from his home to an unknown location without putting up a single fight. So he seems to tell me that he intends to boycott a gubernatorial election without any sort of weaponry for him and for his boys. So he is telling us that all his rhetoric about how Nigeria will turn to Somalia is by exposing our brothers to the fore of the Nigerian soldiers in full acknowledgement of their reckless antecedents of mass murdering and happy trigger reputations. Who does that?

I want to say this loud and clear; if Nnamdu Kanu is truly the iconic leader that his minions are making us to believe, then safeguarding the lives of his followers should be his prime priority. He must make sure that those brothers of ours are properly guarded and reoriented. Violence must be his last call. There is nothing under the sun that worth the drop of a human blood. Absolutely nothing! The days of dying for a cause are long gone; the mantra now is living for a cause. All the IPOB members (Kanu inclusive) must live to achieve Biafra not die for it. I can’t count the number of Igbo lives that have been wasted in the struggle for Biafra.

From the reports that I have read so far, the purpose of operation python dance, they say, is to curb the excesses of insecurity and upheavals that have been making rounds in Abia State which are believed to be a blade on the rope of our unity and a threat to our national sovereignty.

Well here is my own report on operation “python dance”. “Operation python dance is a subtle strategy employed by PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari to maim and massacre the Igbos for reacting over the shackle of despondency and wickedness that his administration has chained them with, also to balance the slaughtering of human lives ratio in Nigeria to an equilibrium scale.” (as it is happening in the north east, let it happen in the south east).  This is what frightens me most in this so called operation python dance. My brother and sister, please I want you to close your eyes and imagine for a second, what will happen, if in this devil may care whirlwind, one of those python dance soldiers gets killed in action. Can you yet picture the outcome? Can you foresee the number of Igbo souls that will be wasted, the bloodletting that will spill into a pool in Abia Land? Please, IPOB boys at this juncture cannot afford to play into the hands of these guys. They must be smart about this!

Let me give some factual backings to my postulations based on the current scheme of things:

  • If the IPOB engages the Nigerian soldiers, economic activities in the east will be halted to a standstill. Who is losing; the Igbo.
  • IPOB members are not trained soldiers; what are their chances of defeating the Nigerian army?
  • Even if they do defeat them to surrender, will it grant them their pursuit of independence?
  • The grand question; is there a possibility of achieving Biafra without shedding of blood? If yes, why not go for it.
  • The last but not least, does Biafra worth the blood of a thousand and more Igbos when there is a tiniest possibility of a peaceful alternative.

If IPOB clashes with the Nigerian army, it will definitely turn Abia State into a war zone. Economic activities will be disrupted and trust me, the effects will be devastating. The Igbos will suffer. And do I need remind you that that has always been the prayer of most anti Igbos in Nigeria especially President Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts in the north (mind you not all northerners). They can’t wait to see another instability ravaging and replaying in the southern part of Nigeria, especially the south east. I beg IPOB not to do them the favour. My guts keep telling me that there is something conspiratorial in this python dance military sojourn that I can’t yet place my fingers on. I’m deeply disturbed. Scared! Very scared!

The worst is that even in extreme imagination that the Biafrans fight and defeat the Nigerian army, their struggle for independence will not yet be guaranteed. You see in other to discourage the excesses of secession agitation in the world, the United Nation set a precedent that was signed and endorsed by member states (including Nigeria) which states that no group in a country has the right to secede unless that country gave them her blessing through referendum. So even if peradventure, the biafrans surprised Nigerians to a swift defeat, it is still not the end of the war rather the end of the battle.

Amongst my millions of reasons why Nigeria should be one (restructured one) or con-federal one is because of my optimistic illusion that Nigeria is the only African country that currently has the potentials of being a world power and having a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. If Biafra is achieved today, is possible that there will be a rapid development processes in the south east especially on the prongs that government will become closer to the people. But my grouse on it is what happens after we become developed and suddenly realized that we are powerless. The recent travail of Qatar and his Arabian brothers further concretized this notion. You see Qatar is inarguably the most developed nation in the world with a nominal GDP rate of about $156.7 billion. (Wikipedia2016). Their unemployment rate is about -0.4% and population below poverty line is between 0% and 0.1%. That’s simply the height of development. But because of their paucity in population, his brothers that are by far economically behind are currently bullying him around like a scallywag with sanctions and boundary hostilities. You dare not impose such on China, US, Russia or France, like that. POPULATION!!!

Let me quickly attest that I’m most disappointed by those Biafra youths that took up arms against the Hausas in River State. That’s the peak of stupidity! Their action was a clear indication that most of the Pro- Biafra agitators aren’t even sure of what they are fighting for. It painted them as blood thirsty touts who sees the agitation as a sporting activity. Reason is because, I don’t think any sensible Igbo man will pick up arms against the Hausas/ Fulani’s in this trying times knowing full well that our siblings are at their doorpost over there in the east.

As I write this, I don’t even know what to think of this whole drama again. People indeed perish because of lack of wisdom. The report on wave now is about Kanu’s escape. The first time I heard the report, I was in computer village Ikeja, visiting a friend. The friend had two other guests when I came. We exchanged pleasantries as we break into light conversations, and it wasn’t long, as expected, we swerved into the ongoing saga of Biafra. We discussed at length, exploring the different angles of the saga. However, a brim was hit when one of the guests said, jokingly, “I was surprised that Kanu ran from the army invasion. I thought he boasted of his readiness prior to the operation python dance.” Someone else seconded him and the rest of us chuckled; shingly if I may add. But the statement got me thinking; I really do hope that Kanu had a plan in place should in case this whole thing degenerates into a full blown war. I really hope he intends to back all his rhetoric with action. I hope he has a strong syndicate that is certain of providing him with armories and whatever devices that people who win wars these days’ uses. I’m saying this because if at the end of the day, we realize that he preached our brothers into going to the forest to hunt wild animals, and it turned out he didn’t give them weapons, Oh sorry to the Igbos!!!


I recommend that my Igbo brothers should be smarter in their dealings towards this ongoing gung-ho in our land. Caution must not be thrown to the wind. Let’s relegate confrontational approach and reemploy diplomacy. Let’s stare down the snake. Let’s watch the python dance to its own foolishness. Let’s be subtle and steady. Let’s be wise. Let’s partner with the Yorubas and other tribes that are pro restructuring or pro region, any one goes… let’s borrow a leaf from the Catalonians of Spain.

Since 1967, this is the only time the Igbos and the Yorubas are aligning towards a single purpose; RESTRUCTURING. Let’s strengthened that tie, lets restructure this country now, all man to himself. 2019 is just a day after tomorrow. Let’s be strategic and tact. Wisdom is superior to any man made weapon.


Nigerian government must make sure that nothing happens to Nnamdi Kanu. They might be surprised on the vicissitudes. 1967 is not 2017. Be warned!





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