Akpabio's First 100 Days: South South Leaders Applaud Resolute Leadership

The South-South Solidarity Group, representing leaders in the South-South region, commends Senator Goodwill Akpabio for his steadfast leadership in the 10th Senate, as he reaches the milestone of 100 days in office.

In a statement signed by Engr Benjamin Ogede, Patron of SSSG, and Comr Peter Ilefa, Convener of SSSG, the sociopolitical movement asserts that Senator Akpabio’s leadership, both in the Senate and the National Assembly, is dedicated to ensuring Nigerians experience uninterrupted democratic benefits.

The statement acknowledges Senator Akpabio’s distinguished track record, citing his significant achievements in various capacities, including his roles as state governor and federal minister. The group expresses strong support for his leadership and emphasizes the importance of national unity, particularly during a critical period.

While acknowledging differing opinions within the Senate, the group urges senators to prioritize the nation’s interests above all else. They call for unity and understanding among members, highlighting Senator Akpabio’s leadership style as a model of excellent representation for the South-South region.

In conclusion, the South-South Solidarity Group extends an olive branch to dissenting voices, urging them to embrace reconciliation and collaboration with the incumbent leadership. They emphasize the need to work together towards legislative success and discourage actions that may disrupt the harmonious working relationship in the chamber.

Ultimately, the group’s appeal is for unity, progress, and a successful legislative tenure under Senator Akpabio’s leadership until 2027.

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