The Federal Bureau of Prisons, BOP, has released the prison details of Ramon Olorunwa Abbas popularly known as “Hushpuppi who was arrested for indulging in numerous cybercrime activities.

According to the report, the United States Department for Justice on Friday said that Ramon Olorunwa Abbas aka Hushpuppi was being charged for criminal conspiracy to launder hundreds of millions of dollars from business email compromise (BEC) frauds and other scams.

The Agency said, “If convicted of conspiracy to engage in money laundering, Abbas would face a statutory maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.”

Although, BOP on Monday released his details on the website showing his name, age, race, and the location where he’s being held.

His release date according to the information is still unknown.
Also, his registration number in the US prison system was made public, allowing people to search for him on the BOP’s website.

You will recall that the Dubai Police had arrested the two wanted fraudsters, “Hushpuppi” and “Woodberry” along with ten African cybercriminals in a special operation dubbed “Fox Hunt 2”.

The duo was extradited to the US after they were arrested in Dubai.

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