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Buhari spends over N45bn to improve the lives of the vulnerable in Katsina – Masari

Katsina State Governor Aminu Masari said the federal government has spent more than N45 billion on various social intervention programs to improve the lives of vulnerable people in the state.

The governor revealed this on Tuesday, during the launch of the Katsina Health Workers Square and guesthouse built by Nigeria‘s national health and health workers union, MHWUN.

He said the social intervention programs introduced by President Muhammadu Buhari had significantly tackled vulnerability and supported the most vulnerable households in the northern states.

“According to our culture and traditions here in the north of the country, the older you get, the more responsibilities you take on because we don’t have a social security system.

“The extended family system was the only social safety net we had until recently, when President Buhari began to introduce social interventions.

“This is the bedrock of social security where there is direct support to the most vulnerable people of at least 5,000 naira each per month.

“In these social interventions alone, the federal government, in July of this year, spent over 45 billion naira in Katsina state.

“I want you to imagine what would have been COVID-19, insecurity and the fall in the price of oil, what the situation would have been,” he imagined.

Mr Masari added that the state government is spending 1.2 billion naira per month on the payment of pensions for local governments and state retirees, and that it plans to clear all pension arrears. and bonuses before his term expires in 2023.

In his own speech, MHWUN National President Biobelemoye Josiah urged the government to work to reduce the challenges of climate change, in order to protect the lives of Nigerians.

Mr Josiah, represented by Union National Vice President Kabir Minjibir, said if climate change was left unchecked it would escalate into unprepared labor migration, food shortages and dilapidated health conditions.

He donated the sum of 1.5 million naira to the Katsina State Council on behalf of the national body of the union to support its landmark developments.

Earlier, the president of MHWUN in Katsina, Mannir Suleiman, said the square has nine shops, bedrooms and living room with stand-alone toilets each, while the guesthouse consists of five stand-alone rooms.

As part of the union’s other accomplishments, Suleiman said the union has provided food and medicine to internally displaced people in Batsari and other frontline local government areas, LGAs of the state, among other social interventions.

“We were able to provide financial assistance to union members, especially those who wanted to continue their studies, both at home and abroad.

“And also the provision of medical assistance and the donation of food / sanitary items to the orphanage and vulnerable groups.

“In addition, we have provided financial assistance to our members who have fallen ill or been victims of a disaster,” said Mr. Suleiman.



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