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Cameroon: ‘Ambazonian Boys’ Step Up action Near Cross River Border, Screen Nigerians

Some youths fighting for self-rule in southwest Cameroon have reportedly stepped up their agitation.

They are also reported to be screening, blocking both Cameroonians and Nigerians travelling into and out of the country as well as shooting since last week in borderline communities.

A handful of Cameroonians residing in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, who sneaked into Mamfe town and other parts of their ancestral southwest Cameroon, painted gory pictures, narrating how they were very lucky to have returned alive.

Bisong Ojong Nre, 56, who does menial jobs in Calabar and had a family reunion in his Cameroonian hometown three weeks ago said he had to meander dangerous bush paths near Boki LGA of Cross River State to escape the rampaging Ambazonian Boys who extort and clamp down on those that violate their orders.

“Towards the international border town of Mfum near the commercial town of Ikom in Nigeria, the Amba Boys thoroughly screen travellers including Nigerian traders.

“The Boys are angry that a splinter group has aligned with outlawed Biafran groups to sabotage and betray them to forces loyal to President Paul Biya of Cameroon.

“The Boys, therefore, suspect Nigerians. They have even alleged that the Nigerian government is subtly supporting Biya against them.”

Another Cameroonian, who also returned to Calabar over the weekend, said the Amba Boys now have upper hands over the Biya federal forces who are fighting them to unite the country.

We have seen them destroy Biya’s armaments, including many armored tanks. But what is making us more fearful is that they don’t spare any suspicious characters. They have killed many of their people too, including burning down houses of anyone who attempts to betray them.”

An insurrection broke out in southwest Cameroon over five years ago when the people called for a referendum for their English-speaking region, which was hitherto part of Eastern Nigeria, to become a separate country called the Ambazonian Republic



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