Chief of Defence Staff Calls for Unified Effort Among Service Chiefs, Commanders to Tackle Insecurity

On Friday, General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), called upon service chiefs and commanders of military operations to prioritize intelligence sharing and cooperation within and across joint task forces.

This plea was made during the inaugural Joint Task Force Commanders Conference, organized by the Defence Headquarters in Abuja.

The conference, themed “Rejigging Defence Headquarters led operations,” highlighted the critical significance of collaboration and synergy among the various branches of the nation’s armed forces. General Musa emphasized the necessity for the military to adapt its strategies and tactics in order to effectively counter emerging threats, given the constantly evolving security landscape.

He stressed that through cultivating a spirit of synergy, they could leverage collective strengths and capabilities to ensure the nation’s security. General Musa articulated, “We face a multitude of threats, ranging from insurgency, terrorism, and cybercrime to transnational organized crime, separatist movements, and inter-communal conflicts.”

He went on to emphasize that each of these challenges necessitates a comprehensive response, encompassing not just military action, but also political, economic, and social dimensions. General Musa underscored the importance of intelligence sharing and collaboration both within and across joint task forces in addressing these threats effectively. He stated, “The exchange of timely and accurate information is the lifeblood of successful operations.”

General Musa advocated for the breakdown of silos and the cultivation of a culture of information sharing. This, he explained, would enhance situational awareness, improve decision-making processes, and facilitate seamless coordination among the armed forces.

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