Covid-19 Update: Nigeria records 86 new cases of Coronavirus

Covid-19 Update: Nigeria records 86 new cases of Coronavirus; Lagos has 70 out of them

Nigeria has recorded a huge 86 new cases of Coronavirus, taking its total figures to 627.

The 86 new infections represent the biggest to be released by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, since the pandemic began.

Of the 86 new cases, Lagos has a screaming 70 new cases.

In the remaining 16 cases, Abuja has seven, Katsina, three; Akwa Ibom, one’ Jigawa, one; Bauchi, one and Borno, one.

How States Stand

Lagos- 376  FCT- 88  Kano- 36  Osun- 20  Oyo- 16  Edo- 15

Ogun- 12  Kwara- 9  Katsina- 12  Bauchi- 7  Kaduna- 6

Akwa Ibom- 9  Delta- 4  Ekiti- 3  Ondo- 3  Enugu- 2

Rivers-2  Niger- 2  Benue- 1  Anambra- 1

Borno- 1  Jigawa- 2

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