DJs Don’t Get The Respect They Deserve – DJ Neptune

Imohiosen Patrick AKA DJNeptune has opened up on the challenges he has faced throughout his career as a disc jockey.

He told HipTV in a recent interview that disc jockeys in Nigeria and Africa are not getting the respect they deserved.

DJ Neptune said most times event organisers often overlooked the hard-work and effort DJs put in to make sure events do not flop.

“We don’t earn the respect considering the amount of time we put into the craft,” DJ Neptune said in the interview.

He stated that deejaying is more than just mixing songs, but also a craft and an art in its own right.

DJ Neptune said considering the work disc jockeys do, the rewards are often not commensurate with the job done.

“It’s challenging when you put in so much time; spend a lot of money to get the equipment there; you’re the first guy who gets to the venue. You set up your expensive equipment there. You’re there for hours and at the end of the day peanuts is being thrown at you.”

Watch the interview below

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