Group Chief Executive Officer of the Elkris Group and Founder of Pre Diagnostic International, Dr. Elliott Scott Omose, has been conferred with the International Peace Advocate award of the United Nations Positive Livelihood Award Centre (UN-POLAC). The Agency said the conferment is in recognition of his invaluable role in bridging the gaping inequalities in healthcare provision among the vulnerable populations in the African continent.


UN-POLAC was established in 2001 as an international autonomous institution affiliated with the UN and UNESCO following the UN General Assembly resolution to declare 2001 – 2010 as a decade of peace and non-violence. Its mandate is to enhance the effective delivery of the UN Millennium Development Goals and the UNESCO Culture of Peace Programme, particularly the maintenance of peace, security, international friendship and the restoration of human dignity.
According to the Letter of Award signed by the director-general, Prof. Halo Eton, the United Nations POLAC Foundation recognised the private efforts and impactful service of the recipient to the vulnerable African populations as a vital ingredient in promoting the global implementation of UNDP programmes and initiatives.
It further described the recipient as promoting noble causes that have been adjudged to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ global call to action to end poverty, protect the earth’s environment and climate and ensure that people everywhere can enjoy peace and prosperity.
In his acceptance remarks at the conferment event, Dr. Elliott Omose pledged to remain unwavering in his life-long mission to ensure that the African continent has a grassroots-focused basic healthcare structure that is customized to suit the peculiarities of the African terrain.
He observed that the sole aim for birthing the PDI platform is premised on total dedication to the urgent need to bridge the gaps created by the inadequacy of primary healthcare structure in Sub-Saharan Africa.
“Our life-long commitment to building a grassroots basic healthcare delivery model that is designed to bridge the unacceptable pathetic gap between the urban and the hard-to-reach areas, between the haves and the have-nots, in the continent of Africa led to the vision of conceiving Pre Diagnostic International over ten years ago.
“Today, PDI combines E-Clinic, Mobile Clinic and Walk-in Clinic offerings under a single platform for effective delivery of Universal Health Coverage plans whereby our patients, the vulnerable population across the African countries where we currently have footprints, pay less than ten percent of the actual cost of accessing quality healthcare”.
Dr. Omose also stated that through its hybrid Basic Public Health model, PDI currently provides free Doctors’ personal health management services (24/7) to at least 2 million vulnerable population across Africa yearly. He added that the initiative has been sustained through his Elkris Benevolent Foundation, without external donations or funding.
“We get the job of consultation, prescription and personal health management done, over the phone, video, chat, through our walk-in clinics, medical outreaches and pharmacies collaboration outlets, among other offerings. We are currently doing this in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia, and a few other African countries”, he concluded.

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