Ex-US President, Bill Clinton, Cancels Supposed Visit To Nigeria

Ex U.S President, Bill Clinton cancels supposed visit to Nigeria for fear it might become politicized.

Bill Clinton was scheduled to visit Nigeria this week with the intention of speaking with the presidential candidates. The visit was facilitated by the Kofi Annan Foundation and the National Peace Committee (NPC).

Clinton’s spokesperson, Angel Ureña, in a statement released, said instead of him coming, he will speak over the phone with President Buhari and Atiku Abubakar later this week.

“Over the course of the last several days, and after various conversations with the different stakeholders, it’s become apparent that President Clinton’s visit to Nigeria has the potential to be politicized in a way that is not in line with the goals of the Committee. Therefore, he will not be travelling to Abuja,” Clinton’s spokesman Angel Ureña said in a statement.

He was billed to deliver a keynote at a ceremony for the signing of a peace accord by the presidential candidates.

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