FG Set To Withdraw Licences of Eight DisCos

The Nigeria Government has issued a 60 days notice to some Distribution Companies (DisCos) in the country with a warning that their licences would be withdrawn after the expiration of the ultimatum.

The National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), in a document titled; “Notice of Intention To Cancel Licences Issued Pursuant To Section 74 of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act,” gave the warning to the DisCos.

The DisCos Affected by the notice included Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (“AEDC”), Benin Electricity Distribution Company (“BEDC”), Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (“EEDC”) and Ikeja Electric PLC (“IE”).

Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (“KADECO”), Kano Electricity Distribution Company (“KEDCO”), Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (“PHEDC”) and Yola Electricity Distribution Company (“YEDC”) are also among the company listed.

NERC said in the document, released to press in dictates, that it had reasonable cause to believe that the affected DisCos had breached the provisions of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act (“ESPRA”), terms and conditions of their respective distribution licences and the 2017-2018 Minor Review of Multi Year Tariff Order (“MYTO) and Minimum Remittance Order for the Year 2019.

“The Commission considers the actions of the aforementioned DisCos as “manifest and flagrant breaches” of EPSRA, terms and conditions of their respective distribution licences and the Order; and therefore requires each of them SHOW CAUSE in writing within 60 days from the date of receipt of this Notice as to why their licences should not be cancelled on accordance with section 74 of EPSRA,” the notice read

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