Ghana PDP reveals how Atiku,Obi will defeat Buhari

The Ghana chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has revealed that the presidential candidate and his running mater will defeat incumbent president because he is ‘incompetent, insincere, corrupt and totally clueless’.

The main opposition party said Buhari must be retired during next year election.

PDP Ghana chapter also said that Buhari has shown himself to be the most ineffective President ever in the history of Nigeria.

The PDP stated this during a world Press conference held at the Ghana International Press Center.

Chairman of the Ghanaian chapter of the party, Hon. Oscar Ugoh asked Nigerians never to make the mistake of voting Buhari again.

He said Buhari has only succeeded in delivering hunger and starvation to Nigerians since resumption his of office over three years ago.

Ugoh wondered why, “a President who won election on the basis of fighting corruption and improving the economy have rather brought famine, clannishness, nepotism and coded corruption in the system.

“H.E, Atiku Abubakar, the PDP Presidential candidate and H.E Peter Obi, the Vice Presidential candidate remains the most capable hands to restore the dignity and well being of Nigerians.”

The party chairman enumerated many reasons Atiku and Obi remain the best ranging from the responsible management of their different businesses, improvement on the welfare of Nigerians even as former Vice President and state Governor respectively.

He stated Ghana Chapter’s total confidence in the National Leadership of PDP as they lead the party to victory during next year election.

Comrade Barry Ndu N, PDP Ghana Chapter Publicity Secretary stated that the slogan ”Buhari must go” should be on the lips of every Nigerian till after the election.

He urged every voter to ensure they come out and exercise their constitutional right of electing their leader and also standing by to defend it.

He urged the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, never to allow themselves to be used against the will of Nigerians.

He warned that, “it may be disastrous for any official that tries to rig the election in favour of the ruling Government as the masses are now fully conscious and ever ready to defend their vote as they are tired of the propaganda, lies and inconsistency of this Government.”

He reminded the media personalities present of how many people who were caught red-handed in various corrupt practices were allowed to go free and those who joined APC were forgiven, stolen property returned and asked to go while those in opposition who insist on the right thing are being harassed, molested and embarrassed. He said that Nigeria has changed from the good situation that the Goodluck Administration left it to worse.

He begged Nigerians in Ghana to ensure they return home to vote next year as that’s the only way Buhari would be removed from office.

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