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How Jesus Christ Abolished Tithing By Obasi Agbai | Trait News



There are two kinds of tithing: voluntary tithing and obligatory tithing.

Voluntary tithing is a tithe given out of gratitude and respect. People practiced voluntary tithing in the bible almost as they practiced obligatory tithing. Abram (ham) was among those recorded in the bible that gave voluntary tithe (Genesis 14:20). He gave his to the true High Priest Melchizedek (Jesus) (Hebrews 7:2). However, it is pertinent to note that voluntary tithing even predates Abram. Giving a tenth of one’s earning has been a common practice amongst men since the dawn of time. In fact, even pagans practiced it way before the coming of Christ. If you doubt me ask your grandfathers.

In those days our forefathers every now and then offered the tenth of their agricultural produces and other earnings to their deities as a sign of gratitude and respect. I don’t think they actually called it tithe but their reasons for those offerings are in uniform to the reasons of these days’ Christian tithing.

On the other end, the obligatory type of tithing which is the one that we practice in Nigeria and other Christian nations, which has stirred up a whole lot of controversy among believers since God knows when and which also is the main angle of this write-up, is nothing but a day time robbery and a synonym to 419.

You see; a whole lot of people that has written for or against the subject (daddy freeze inclusive) lays emphasis on the intricacies of the issue by trying to decipher what God said, how he said it and to whom he referred it to. They try to solve if tithe is meant only for the Levites or the Levites and priests or everyone in general or if tithing is an Old Testament practice that should be abolished in a modern day Christianity or not, but what they all failed to see is that the answer is closer their eyes than their noses.

I must confess, nevertheless, that both camps have all made very good points to back up their assertions with Daddy freeze’s own topping the chart in my own opinion. However, any one that tends to delve into those histories in other to prove his or her point is simply giving his or herself unnecessary headache because if the bible isn’t clear on any other subject, on tithing; it is, and as I have said earlier, it’s a fraud and a day time robbery and here is why:

Tithing was only meant to be brought to the house of God (the dwelling place of God) the tabernacle, the temple, the synagogue, the church (Malachi 3:10). But then when Jesus Christ came and died for mankind, one of the significant things that happened was that the veil of the Jerusalem temple (the dwelling place of God) the veil that separates man from God was torn (Mathew 27:50-51). The implication of that single occurrence is that the shedding of his blood was a sufficient atonement for our sins. It signified that the Spirit of God was no longer dwelling there rather in the hearts of men via the holy spirit, in other words, man no longer needs to go to the temple to meet or relate with God, all man had to do is to seek his presence through his son Jesus Christ; the way-the truth-and the light (John 14:6).

In all, the tearing of the veil simply suggests that the temple and every other practices in it has forever been abolished and never to return again, which begs the question, how come Nigerian pastors are now asking people to bring their tithes to the temple (church) of God? Which temple of God exactly, if I may ask? Is it the same temple that was destroyed over 2000 years ago or is there any other temple that I don’t know of which the bible recommended? If there is someone should please tell me, really!

You see the sad truth is that most of our pastors are either greedy or simply naïve. They contradict themselves all the time and by extension putting gullible and baby Christians like you and I in a perpetual state of confusion. An average Nigerian pastor will tell you categorically that you should not fornicate, smoke nor do anything that is contrary to the standard of God, laying emphasis that your body is; note: (A TEMPLE OF GOD, THE DWELLING PLACE OF GOD) but then on another hand, they will still tell you to bring tithes and sacrifices to a man made structure (temple of God, THE DWELLING PLACE OF GOD). Please my dear isn’t this confusing? Or it’s God now staying in two temples: the human temple and manmade temple? How can men be collecting tithes and sacrifices where the temple, the storehouse of the tithes has been destroyed?

Let me re emphasize this; when Jesus died, the veil was torn, and God moved out of the temple never again to dwell in a temple made with hands (ACTS 17:24). God was finally through with that temple and anything pertaining to it, and the temple and Jerusalem were later destroyed by the Romans in AD 70 just as Jesus prophesied in Luke 13:35.

You see based on Jewish Tradition, it was only the priests that have the authority to enter the temples and they could only do so once in a year. But after Jesus Christ died, he automatically reconciled us with God which then made us (Christians) priests and him the Chief priest, which then means that each and every one of us can now have direct access to God Via him. In other words, you can comfortably worship, pray or access God from the comfort of your room, car, or Office without going to any sort of temple or holy ground.

My sister let me SCREAM this into your ears, there is nothing like a pastor, priest, bishop, arch Bishop, pope, or G.O, all these things are manmade titles, scams inspired by the devil to destroy and topple the true (church) of Jesus Christ (the human soul.)

One might ask, if there is nothing like church, how come Jesus then said in Mathew 16:18 to saint peter that on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. Well, my dear, the precursor to that question should be; did Jesus Christ say “on this rock I will build my PHYSICAL CHURCH?” what is the evidence that indicates he was referring to a physical church than the church of the soul and the school of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ wasn’t referring to a Physical Structure but to the believe system of Saint Peter which was later proved by Saint Peter’s ministry after the death of Christ. What Jesus simply meant was that true Christians should emulate the ministry and conduct of Saint Peter. Unshakable Faith!

Unfortunately, what happened was that the Romans, 500 hundred years after, being deceived by Satan, misconstrued Jesus’ statement to mean PHYSICAL structure which led them to SUPPOSEDLY locate the grave of Saint Peter (saint Peter’s Basilica 1506) and build the first post-Christ Physical church which by extension brought back the same temple and temple practices like Priesthood, tithing, sacrifices and Idolatry that our Lord Jesus through so much pain abolished with the tore of his skin.

Let me step down a bit, I’m not against church, reason; people of God must gather every once in a while to share and discuss about the glory of God just as the same way the first Christians did. However, People must stop seeing themselves as priests, pastors, reverends, bishops and popes. There is no leader in the gathering of brethrens. Jesus is our one and only leader. Jesus is the Priest, the pope, the G.O and the Bishop of our Christendom.

All we can have are instructors, elders, (pastors or Shepherds) or teachers of the word!

1 peter 5:1-4 made it abundantly clear:

To the elders among you, I appeal as a fellow elder who also will share in the glory to be revealed: 2 be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them- not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; 3 not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. 4 and when the chief shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.

Can you see that Peter never mentioned anything as priests? Let me also remind you that it is on this principle that faith base organizations like the Jehovah’s Witness benchmark their expulsion of priesthood from their doctrine. No wonder my pastors hate them so much.

Let me shock you for a moment. Apostle Paul advertently or inadvertently, to a large extent, caused most of the embarrassment that Christendom is suffering of today. He single handedly instituted corporate hierarchies in church and gave it backings:

2 Timothy 4:2, Ephesians 4:11-12, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-13

Most disciples of Jesus Christ ended on nomenclatures like Shepherds, elders and teachers. Acts 20:28, 1 Peter 5:1-4. James 3:1. It was only Apostle Paul that stretched it a bit further.

However, it must be noted, that Apostle Paul never told any of the appointed pastors or Shepherds to collect tithes and sacrifices like in the days of old, men, through the back door, naturally brought that one in to satisfy their own greed. This is despite the fact that Apostle Paul himself neither for a day gave or collect tithe to or from anybody. The same way men brought in Purgatory was also the same way they brought in Tithing and sowing of Dangerous seeds among the brethrens.

You are a fool if you pay tithe to a self proclaimed man-of-God. We are all men of God. The only person we should pay our VOLUNTARY tithes to is Jesus Christ the one and only true son of God, the HIGH PRIEST. And how do we see him and pay him the tithe? By paying it to a brother in need, to the disabled, to that mad man who is begging food on the road, to that woman who couldn’t pay his hospital bills, to that child that haven’t pay his tuition. All these people are Jesus in flesh (Mathew 25:35). They are the priests that are worthy of receiving your tithe, your offerings and your sacrifices not a man that owes three private jets and houses in lekki and Banana Island.

Also, I’m not against donations. I do give when I have. But it is never to attract the blessings of God in my life. In the gathering point of believers or common house of brethrens (church), if I’m told to donate money, let’s say; for Air-conditioners, sound systems, cameras and other high tech instruments, or invite a special gospel music minister, I will gladly do so. Not because of the blessings, but for my own convenience and relaxation because I’m the one sitting there not God that is in Heaven and in our hearts. I love cool atmosphere, I love refined sounds, it’s my desire that the message of our lord Jesus Christ will spread throughout the World via high-tech Cameras and other cutting edge devices. If Sinach, Frank Edwards and Nathaniel Bassey were to come to my church, it’s to my excitement and entertainment not for God because after all we can still worship and praise God without the presence or inputs of those super stars. Ask me, and I will donate, but dare you not tell me to pay it as a tithe!

My friends if I tell you what I have seen with my eyes because of tithing you will cringe. In my parent’s church, the church I was born and raised in, tithing is as important as salvation itself. It’s so important to them that they had to hire people and place them on payrolls just to be handling the businesses of tithing. They have big and long notebooks of tithing records where they check and crosscheck those who pay their tithes and those who don’t. I have seen people excommunicated because of INCONSISTENCY in tithing. I have seen people mocked and treated with disdain just because they don’t pay their tithes.

There was this friend of my dad (whom his name won’t be mentioned for obvious reasons) who had been in our church choir decades before I enter into this unfair world. Rumor had it that there was a time the man consistently attended choir rehearsals for five stretch years. (Even pastors miss Sunday services.) Our church board members were aware and so when there was an opening for a new choir master, the man was a natural choice.

I don’t’ think he served on that capacity up to three years as I came home last year only to hear that the church has relieved him of that position, reason; and please listen o; THAT WHAT HE PAYS AS TITHE DOES NOT CORRESPOND WITH WHAT THE CHURCH PERCIEVED HE WOULD BE MAKING AS A NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL PROPRIETOR. And I ask, who gave the church such right and such authority?

I will conclude with this; a new tide is coming, a tide of new knowledge, revelation and understanding, a tide that will wash away all those dusts that have veiled our eyes via mischievous doctrines and unsanctified cum unscrupulous church dogmas. The same way Martin Luther King and all those other Protestants fought the catholic on Purgatory and similar practices that is the same way Daddy Freeze, me and other believers will fight against tithing and similar practices and the gates of Hades shall not overcome it.

Lovely weekend ahead.








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