Israeli Firm Denies Hacking Buhari’s Records Ahead Of 2015 Elections

A private intelligence firm, Black Cube, has been accused of working for Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm alleged to have hacked President Muhammadu Buhari’s records ahead of the 2015 elections, has denied the allegations. TheCable report.

TheCable also had reported how Cambridge Analytica allegedly hacked into Buhari’s medical and financial records ahead of the election.

An unnamed Nigerian billionaire was said to have contacted Cambridge Analytica for the alleged act.

On Tuesday, Christopher Wylie, a whistle-blower, told a UK parliamentary committee that Cambridge Analytica’s parent company SCL worked with Black Cube to hack Buhari.

“The company (Cambridge Analytica) utilised the services of an Israeli private intelligence firm, Black Cube,” Jerusalem Post quoted Wylie to have said.

“Black Cube on the Nigeria campaign was engaged to hack the now-President Buhari to get access to his medical records and private emails.”

But Black Cube described the allegation as a “flagrant lie.”

“Whilst we are flattered that we are seemingly being connected with every international incident that occurs, we will state that Chris Wylie’s testimony is a flagrant lie,” the firm reportedly said.

It added that it will investigate Wylie’s claims to “reveal the truth and the motive” behind them, and will also “launch a massive defamation suit against any entity that we will find involved, including Christopher Wylie, SCL or Cambridge Analytical, for any pound they still have or don’t have.”

The firm also neither it nor its affiliates and subsidiaries worked for SCL or Cambridge Analytica, or ever operated in Nigeria or on any Nigerian-connected project.

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