Lagos Port: Nigeria makes Trillions Yet no Yoruba Appointed Customs CG – Tony Nnadi

Tony Nnadi has lambasted the Nigerian government for shunning the South-West for the post of Customs Comptroller-General.

Nnadi is the Secretary-General of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), a body chaired by Prof Banji Akintoye.

At the 13th edition of Fela debates in Lagos, Nnadi called for the discard of the Nigerian Constitution, noting that it favours a section of the country than others.

The event, monitored  was part of the 2021 Felabration and themed ‘The National Question – Evolution or Devolution’.

Nnadi told Nigerians to forget any major progress in the country because growth is being stifled by bigots and selfish leaders.

“The Federal Government owns everything including the water in a state. They make trillions from the Lagos port annually.

“But till date, no Yoruba man or woman has been appointed Nigeria Customs Service Comptroller-General. Is this normal?

“Lagos should not be going to Abuja cap in hand to beg for funds or be waiting for federal allocation every month.

“They don’t give Lagos up to 5 percent of the revenue they generate from the port. I’m not even talking about other sectors.

“The constitution is flawed. I challenge any lawyer in Nigeria to come out, let us argue in public so I can disgrace him.

“Section 2 provides all the good things for the citizens but they are not doing them – roads, welfare, healthcare, education, etc.

“Go to Section 6, subsection 6c, you will find out that the Federal Government does not owe you anything.

“Section 81 says the President must get legislative approval to spend, but Section 82 protects him to spend as he pleases.

“Sections 121 and 122 also allow Governors to dip their hands in state vault anyhow the like.

“There is Section 308 that provides immunity shielding them (President, Vice, Governors, Deputies) from prosecution.

“This means when they do anything, they can get away with it. Are we going to continue like this?

Before the 2023 general election, we must decide our future. If it is conducted based on the current constitution, Nigeria’s problems will not end.

“If a tap is running making the who place flood, you are just wasting your time mopping it.

“What you should do is turn it off. If you don’t, that problem will continue and in the next 300 years, you’re still there mopping”, Nnadi said.

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