Makarfi takes over PDP secretariat

Ahmed Makarfi, caretaker committee chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has taken over the party’s secretariat.

The secretariat had on different occasions been sealed off by the police owing to the leadership tussle between Makarfi and Ali Modu Sheriff, which smouldered until Wednesday.

The supreme court on Wednesday declared Makarfi as the authentic chairman of the PDP – ending a 14-month leadership battle.

Speaking with party supporters at the complex, the PDP chairman described the judgment as “no victor, no vanquished’’, saying “we must be open to reconciliation, but there’s a caveat”.

“Reconciliation does not mean we take what belongs to people and give it to you. It must be based on equity, equality and values,” he said.

“With this caveat, we should be prepared and willing to reconcile with everybody.

“Anybody that can meet these criteria, we should be willing and open to reconciliation with such a person, no matter who they are.”


SOURCE: thecable

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