“Marriage is not the definitive qualifier for women”, Ooni’s ex-wife, Zaynab says on Instagram | Trait News

The Ooni’s ex-wife, Queen Zaynab explains that marriage isn’t the definitive qualifier for women as they have their own voices and agendas too. She talks about how she is constantly working towards leaving the world better than she met it, which happens to be one of her ultimate goals.

She replies a post on Instagram that asked about how she enters these bilateral agreements with foreign nations and the validity of the agreements.

“Thank you for asking. The platform is that of my own accord. An organization founded by me. Contrary to popular opinion, marriage is not the definite qualification of women. We have our own voice and our own agendas and it has always been my mission to make this world a better place than I found it. My accomplishments speak for themselves. Through hard work and God’s grace, I have a strong network of world leaders and global influencers that are invested in creating platforms for stronger humanitarian efforts and implementing policies for the advancement of women and children- Queen Zaynab”

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