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Nigerians Can Now Connect with Doctors, Physicians in India all on Mobile App #HealingInAPhone

Finally, after weeks of anticipation fueled by an exciting campaign tagged #Healinginaphone which had social media users engaging and interacting, leading telemedicine mobile Application SeekMed has just announced its launch and availability in Nigeria.

The mobile application, home to a host of doctors who are recipients of Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, the third and fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India respectively, is set to offer Nigerians the choice of getting impeccable medical diagnostics from the comfort of their home.

With improved medical and pharmaceutical advances in Cardiology (Disorders of the heart), Oncology (Cancer related ailments), Neuro-surgery (Nervous system disorders), Nephrology (Kidney disorders) and Orthopedics (Bone disorders) – India has become a medical hotspot for different countries, most especially Nigeria.

In 2015, it was reported that 5,994 Nigerians made up a small percentage in the 460,000 people who visited India, half of which reportedly visited for medical reasons. Over the past three years, the figures have increased.

With these facts in consideration, SeekMed, a user-friendly mobile interactive medicine application which is available for download on Google Play Store, allows patients and physicians to communicate in real-time while maintaining HIPAA compliance. The mobile app is set to curb the inconceivable amount of money spent on medical diagnosis and travel plans whilst offering Nigerians access to a host of top-ranked physicians right from the comfort of their home and on their mobile phone.

Speaking on the features of the app, Founder of Seekmed, Mr. Alok Awasthi commented

“The unique features of this mobile App includes and not limited to access to India’s leading physicians who will send reports and write prescriptions, unlimited uploads of files as well as the innate capacity to mark one’s favorite physician for quicker identification. This telemedicine mobile application is really one to use. Why spend a huge amount of money going to India for medical consultation when there is healing on a mobile phone?”.

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