OAP Benny Ark speaks after being slammed for saying Tiwa Savage only shouts and can’t sing

Popular Abuja-based OAP Benny Ark has been slammed on social media after he stated that Nigerian Diva Tiwa Savage only shouts and can’t sing on stage.

However, the OAP has reacted to the call out by Tiwa Savage’s fans by stating that his opinion is unbiased regardless of whose ox is being gored.

He said:

Let me state this unequivocally clear that given the years I have put into my craft as a broadcaster/OAP, I occupy a premise as an authority to give critique to music and the custodians of it as an art form ..

I won’t meander the maze of mediocrity with the popularity or resort to sycophancy just to be liked or accepted . I have had my fair share of fame as an OAP as one of the best legacy Abuja ever had on its airwaves .

For a career that’s spanning over 13years and still counting , I am one of the gatekeepers entrusted with our airwaves and so,I will give my professional unbiased critique regardless of who’s ox is being gored. We’ve gotten so use to mediocrity in so much, we confuse it for excellence and Superstar!

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