the role EFCC must play

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time” — Abraham Lincoln

This quote best illustrates the alleged fraudulent transaction between a popular Real Estate Company in Nigeria, Revolution Plus Property and its customers, who believed the firm has failed to be impeccable with its word.

Few days ago, Revolution Plus landed in a serious scandal following some accusations by aggrieved customers of the company.

The main accusation against the company is on delayed allocation of landed properties to customers despite the fact that money has fully been paid to purchase the landed properties by the customers.

The said customers decided to use the face of their popular celebrity ambassadors, Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Toyin Abraham in the call out.

According to a post by instagram blogger, Gistlover, some customers claimed to have paid three years ago and yet they have not been allocated their properties.

In the post, it was also revealed that the company keeps luring innocent customers to pay for properties in order to pay ambassadors of the company. It was also mentioned that the company no longer has properties to allocate.

However, some customers reportedly approached the company for a refund but they were denied except they are willing to forfeit 40% of what they paid to the company.

Though, in a statement on its Instagram page on Wednesday, the company dismissed the allegations, adding that the firm “was built on integrity and trust.”

The company also claimed to be reviewing the complaints from its customers. It assured that all its customers would be attended to in due course, adding that allocations are usually done in batches.

The owner of the company, Mr Bamidele Onalaja and his wife have been accused of threatening and calling customers names after they enquire to know when their land can be allocated after the breach of contract.

Meanwhile, In a government aiming at eradicating corruption in a nation, this is indeed a big fraud that urgently seek the attention of the government and The Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

In a more serious administration, it’s believed that Revolution Plus Property Company is a registered company which has a license to operate, Nigerian government is expected to have wade into this case of fraud by firstly cease the license of operation of the company pending to the time that EFCC will kick off and complete its investigation.

This is because, the complaints are poor Nigerians who couldn’t afford to buy properties in Lagos State at once but decided to join Revolution Plus where instalmental payment is allowed, three years after payment, the said company is yet to allocate the land to its customers.

Without ceasing the license, the real estate company will still be operating and other innocent Nigerians will become victims again.

As a trust worthy company with integrity, you are expected to have gotten your land ready before rolling out adverts for patronage, the idea of allocations are usually done in batches is obviously not a welcome idea for a company built on integrity as Revolution Plus claimed to be.

The EFCC should live up to its responsibility by investigating and making sure that justice is served for all the people involved to show example for others who are in similar trade.


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