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Police defends wanted man after he was ridiculed online for his haircut

A wanted man was ridiculed online for his weird haircut after the police shared his photo in connection with a burglary.

But following the public ridicule, the police were forced to come to his defence.

Humberside Police shared the photo of Emilio Romana on Twitter and Facebook and said they wanted to speak to him in connection with a burglary in Willerby, Kingston upon Hull on February 6.

But shortly after the mugshot was shared online, hundreds of comments were posted by social media users as they made fun of Romana for his bowl cut and high fringe.

One person wrote: “While you’re at it please arrest his barber.”

Another wrote: “Please find him before further infringement.”

“Who cut his hair?….the Council!” someone commented.

Others made fun of his ears.

“Probably sat at home watching Sky with the fantastic satellite connection he’s getting from those ears,” someone wrote.

As the disrespectful comments continued pouring in, police were forced to step in and urge people to be ‘respectful’.

They wrote: “Whilst we encourage participation on our posts please keep it respectful. If you have any information that may assist please call us. Thank you.”

Humberside Police are still wanting to speak to Mr Romana and have asked anyone who knows of his whereabouts to contact them.


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