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Real Estate Company, Revolution Plus In Trouble As Customers Cry Out Over Delays Scandal In Land Allocation

Real Estate Company, Revolution Plus In Trouble As Customers Cry Out Over Delays Scandal In Land Allocation. 

The company has been accused of some serious scandal following some accusations by aggrieved customers of the company.

The main accusation against the company is on delayed allocation of landed properties to customers despite the fact that money has been paid to purchase the landed properties by the customers.

As if that was not enough, the customers decided to use the face of their popular celebrity ambassadors, Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Toyin Abraham in the call out.

According to a post by instagram blogger, Gist lover, some customers claim to have paid three years ago yet they have not been allocated their properties.

In the post, it was also revealed that the company keeps luring innocent customers to pay for properties in order to pay ambassadors of the company.

It was also mentioned that the company no longer has properties to allocate.

some customers reportedly approached the company for a refund but they were denied except they are willing to forfeit 40% of what they paid to the company.
Read full post below:

Jesus , my dm is so full, some that bough land two years ago, no allocation, nothing, to crown it all, this Tolu geh keeps insulting people, Toyin glutton, you need to do something ASAP on this Matter, people are in the dm crying, people trusted you and odun and gave their money to this revolution company, but you all are not saying anything ,

Tolu said she wants evidence , how many evidence I don send to her dm now, a lot of evidence which I will post now, some even bought land from them 2019 till now, nothing, and this Tolu thinks she can open mouth and insult her customers because they expressed their displeasure, wow, shey because Toyin don Dey call her godmother because of Atenu, abi godmother and goddaughter wan siwin po, Toyin them give you money you begin Dey shout godmother up and down,

Fight for your fans , fans who paid these company because of you both, revolution plus don sell all the lands wey dem get finish yet they keep doing advert and luring innocent People to pay and their ambassadors so silent on this, Wow, I no go gree oooo, on God all these people must get their full refund, even some of them wey say they want refund, revolution play still talk say them go comot 40%, for what??

You delayed them for years, months, yet you still wan comot money, Tolu look here, tell your husband , tell him make him Dey hear, This people will get their complete refund, that’s on period, some of them over 3years, no land no refund, how can you be so mean, to crown it all una go Dey abuse them ontop their money, Ogun go kee some people now, make una Dey see as this matter go unfold ooo, you think because you be CEO of revolution you can talk to people anyhow ontop their money, wait for me first, WE SAY NO TO SCAMMERS. I come in peace.



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