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Restructuring of Nigeria long over due – Prelate Mbang claims

The Prelate emeritus of Methodist Church of Nigeria, His Eminence, Dr. Sunday Mbang, has said that the continuous call for restructuring in Nigeria is now long overdue.

He added that if the current leaders failed to restructure Nigeria, a time will come when it would be done by revolution which he feared could be bloody.

The prelate emeritus, who stated this in an interaction with our correspondent at his residence in Shelter Afrique, Uyo Akwa Ibom state, said that autonomy would make each state manage their resources in a way that suits them.

According to him, “the problem in Nigeria is restructuring. Nigeria is overdue for restricting and i am one of those persons that strongly believe in it.

“Let them continue debating it. But i want to say that if they don’t do restructuring today they will do it tomorrow and it will be through a revolution, i tell you, then it will be bloody.”

He queried why states cannot manage their economy and pay tax to the centre, stressing that Agriculture, Power and police should be controlled by states.

“Why should federal government be controlling agriculture and power and we pretend not to know the disadvantage? Why should the Federal government be controlling the police up till now? In America even the local government has their own police not to talk of the state, so why must we have federal police?” he questioned.

The former CAN Chairman in Akwa Ibom expressed displeasure over the activities of the Akwa Ibom Police in the recent crisis in the state house of Assembly, querying if the police were out to protect the citizens or only the five ousted APC lawmakers.

Mbang noted that successive transfer of police commissioners to the state within one month does not speak well of the state, adding that Akwa Ibom has been a peaceful state to be subjected into such threat.

He, however, cautioned the instigators and the perpetrators of violence in the state, warning that the wrath of God would be visited on such people in no distant time if they do not turn a new leaf.

“Akwa Ibom has been a very peaceful state and a very different state. I pray that any person or group of persons inciting violence that God will forgive them, but if they become stubborn and continue to threaten the peace in our midst, the wrath of God would be visited on them.

“We in Akwa Ibom still believe that God is still alive and any person who wants to challenge God may not live to ask questions about what happened to those who challenged God in the past,” he said.

On how the 2019 general elections would be, prelate Mbang expressed optimism that it would be peaceful, saying that all the predictions by some people in the name of God may not come to pass in the election.

“Elections will come and go and all the predictions may not happen. They have predicted in the past and elections came and gone. 2019 will be fine and anybody who wants to challenge God in the election may not live to see the results.” He said.



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