Saudi Arabian Woman Who Slit Her 6-Year-Old Stepdaughter Executed

According to the Saudi gazette, a Saudi woman who was convicted of murdering her 6-year-old stepdaughter by mercilessly slitting her throat two years ago was executed in the Eastern Province region of Al-Ahsa on Monday.

The woman took the girl out of her school as she was playing in the yard, taking advantage of the fact that they lived together in the same house and were known to each other. She then took the girl to a deserted area near the school and slaughtered her using a kitchen knife.

The woman returned home as if nothing had happened. But an eyewitness informed the police about the crime. He said he chased the woman whom he suspected of murdering the girl but she got inside her house.

Police arrived at the scene and collected evidence. They arrested the woman, a mother of six, from her family home.

The woman lived with her husband and stepdaughter in the same house. The girl’s mother was her father’s third wife while her murderer was his second.

The woman confessed to the crime in court and she was sentenced to death. The appeals court upheld the sentence, which was carried out in Al-Ahsa on Monday after approval by the Supreme Court.

The crime shook the peaceful community of the Eastern Province two years ago.

It was reported that the school gate was open and the guard was not present, allowing the woman access to the schoolyard unnoticed.

A teacher who was supposed to monitor the children playing in the schoolyard was also absent.

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