Seagull flies every day to visit 80-year-old man who saved its life 12-years ago (photos)

A seagull is so grateful to a 80 year old man who saved his life 12 years ago that it flies every day to pay the man a visit.

John Summer, 80, saw the seagull screaming and in pain while on the beach some years back. The animal’s leg was completely broken and Summer didn’t know what to do to help it. He didn’t even think he will survive. 

The little John could do was give the seagull some dog biscuits that he brought for his pet Jack. John continued doing this every time he returned to the beach until the animal healed. 

And the seagull, named Chirpy, has never forgotten that act of kindness. Chirpy, who is believed to be around 20 years old, flies every day to the beach to play with John Summer. Once Chirpy arrive on Instow Beach near Yelland, Devons, it doesn’t go to anyone else on the beach but seeks out John and goes straight to him.

Speaking of this unique seagull-human relationship, John said:

He comes right up to me, he gets so close. He won’t go to anybody else but me, so he has got some sort of relationship with me.

In March he will go off and do his natural thing and then September he is back with me as normal after they have done their nesting.

There’s not that many black-headed gulls on Instow Beach, if there was more than 20 I’d be surprised

He encourages the rest to come over but he is the only one that comes close to me and he will just stay there and hover.

People are aghast when I tell them, they can’t believe a seagull would come back like that.

It makes you wonder what kind of world we actually are in – do they know more than we think they know?

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