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Recently I went to Owerri for an official errand. After doing the necessities, I discovered that time was still very much friendly so I decided to make good of it by visiting an old friend of mine who is doing a master degree programme in Imo State University (IMSU). I rang him up and drove straight ahead to the direction he gave me. The place he directed me to was a bush bar about 200 steps away from his hostel (lodge). As we sat and exchanged pleasantries, I quickly helped myself with a bottle of Heineken and a bowl of nkwobi (oil bean with goat meat) to wash down the languor that was gradually taking toll on me. It was all going well until we left for his hostel where I later spent the night. I couldn’t believe what I saw! Virtually all the occupants in the hostel were students who were cohabiting. For sake of clarity, co-habiting simply means guy and girl shamelessly living together without undergoing through the rituals of marriage (emphasis mine). Don’t get me wrong, my point here isn’t really about co-habiting, per say, for all I care two consenting adults can do whatever they like, but for undergraduates of high institutions? It’s simply crazy!

My grouse is that the act is gradually becoming a norm in our campuses. During my days in ABSU, we had one or two lodge mates who were co- habiting but there was this level of restrain in their conduct against the backdrop that people still frown upon such act. But you need to see what these kids were doing in full glare of the public in the name of dating. The ways they care freely snuggle into each other’s arms romancing, exchanging romance titles that are sacrilegiously kept for married couples; “Baby, daddy, what will you eat? Honey I need money for kerosene o, I need money for fuel, come let’s take our bath!!!” Jesus!!!  I snapped my fingers.

Please tell me how these kids will ever be able to concentrate in their studies. Tell me how they can stay focus against the innumerable academic challenges that rears up in multiple angles. Please can you read and understand in the night when you have an opposite sex at arm’s length away from you? I sure can’t. Let me say this loud and clear, anybody that co-habits while in school, should brace his or herself for a tumultuous marriage. You can’t eat your cake and have it back! You know, they say; “the beauty of marriage is in the experience.”  But when you have already unofficially pre- married and share all the experiences, which one again will you now share and enjoy in your matrimonial home.  Some say it’s good, that it gets one prepared for the main marriage. Shut the hell up!

The night was cold as it rained earlier on that fateful day. Since I and my friend had a lot to catch up on, we stayed out till almost midnight in his rail protected balcony. And then the worst happened.  Due to the deafening silence of the night, little sounds were loudly amplified. My dear come and hear moans, sexual moans that students who are supposed to be reading in the night were making. Virtually all of them were doing it! It was almost rhythmic; stop, wait, no, yes, tear me,” one was shouting “Jesus, god, Jesus.” Guys, we are in trouble o! “Is this what goes on here?” I asked my friend in total surprise, “You haven’t seen anything brother, for here dem they have sex like rats” he said chuckling to my widened eyes.

As I was preparing to leave after the day broke, my friend led me by the hand to their general waste bin and began to poke out some of the packaged trashes that were in the bin. My left hand is up as I swore to this; I saw nothing less than a thousand used condoms largely heaped into the dumpster! The sight got me thinking about a report I recently read in one Nigerian medical journal about the alarming increase in abortion by Nigerian young adults. The report had it that abortion practices Nigeria increases by geometric proportions in a ratio of 1 in 10 girls. Really!!!

Igbo people said that when an abomination is allowed to take root in the land, it becomes tradition.  I solemnly appeal to the great youths and students of this country. Please, fornication is already bad enough, adding co-habiting to it is a new low we can’t afford to sink into as a nation and as a people. Ask yourself, “if I have a son and a daughter who is living with an opposite sex in school, how will I feel? Methinks you will feel bad.



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