Shehu Sani : Senate Not Amending the Constitution In Good Conscience

The Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, has said on Friday that lawmakers in the Senate are not voting “in line with their conscience or national interest” in the ongoing Constitution amendment.

Senator Sani said some of his colleagues are more concerned about protecting their “mini thrones of power” than protecting the interests of Nigerians at large.

Sani in one of his post on Facebook, said some lawmakers “fear more of what will befall them than what will befall the country.

“My observation during the constitutional amendment is that many parliamentarians didn’t vote in line with their conscience or national interest; most voted in line with their sectional, religious, ethnic or political interests.

“Many are first more interested in preserving their mini thrones of power than saving the country or making it better. They fear more of what may befall them than what may befall their country.


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