Why I Went To Prison – Small Doctor | Trait News

In recent time, Nigerians have tagged Small Doctor has an ex-convict, saying he was once in prison. But in this chat with Saturday Beats, the rave of the moment has made it clear that he was never an inmate but only visited the prison yard to entertain inmates and here’s why.

“It is true that I was a bus conductor and a commercial motorcyclist. I also hawked sachet water but I thank God for the gift of life now because I am one of the most sought-after artistes at the moment. I just feel that there is no limitation to what anybody can achieve in life. Those locked up in prisons are human beings too and that is not the end of their lives, so I decided to reach out to them. Also, my colleague, Lamboginny, reached out to me and said he wished we should go to the prison and perform for them, so I gladly agreed. I have never been a prisoner and I laughed when I learnt that people thought I was once an inmate because of this gesture. I just feel we should always put a smile on the faces of other people regardless of any situation they are facing in life.”

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