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Tamar Braxton got shut down by mom over trying to disrespect Iyanla Vanzant

American  television personality and actress Tamar Braxton was firmly scolded by her mother, Evelyn Braxton, when she disrespected popular life coach, Iyanla Vanzant on their family show.

Iyanla Vanzant was trying to help the singer and her family through their issues on their family’s reality show “Braxton Family Values”, but, along the line, the interaction became tense and Tamar Braxton became quite rude to Iyanla.

On a preview for Thursday night’s season finale of the WE TV series, the actress enters into a heated dialogue with Vanzant and barely lets her get a word in.

Tamar said to Iyanla:

You really don’t quit with this name-calling. I’m not here for that.‘I now want to be seen? You really gotta watch your mouth … who talks to me like that? Who talks to anybody like that?

Vanzant replies:

I do, I do. Because I love you. I love you. I love you.

Vanzant points out that during the family mediation, Tamar has been cutting people off “all day.” But the single mom doesn’t back down.

“How you gon’ tell me how to act if you’re acting the exact same way?” she says. “You’re being abusive, you’re cutting me off.”

Vanzant then pointedly asks Braxton if she wants to have this talk. Braxton hits back with a question of her own.

“Do you?” she says looking Vanzant up and down. “Because I don’t appreciate you keep throwing out these names. What about my disrespect? All I have been is respectful. I’ve been called…”

But Tamar doesn’t let her speak and goes on to speak over her. The conversation goes downhill from there as Tamar’s sisters try to get her to calm down. When nothing was working, their mum, Evelyn Braxton stepped in and warned Tamar not to disrespect her elders.



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